Jul 17, 2017

Message from the President: Collaboration is more than a buzzword

Message from the President: Collaboration is more than a buzzword

I’ve always had a passion for communications. Early on, it was more of a verbal exercise than strategic approach. “The student socializes too much in class,” was a permanent fixture on high school report cards. As my career evolved, so did my understanding of strategy, and my appreciation for collaboration as a fundamental piece of effective communications.

Collaboration is one of those buzzwords that is worked into an email or final report as much as “innovation,” and often has little true meaning behind it. However, if we actually embrace the opportunity to engage beyond a cursory chat or two, the impact can be significant.

The opportunity to collaborate, to connect, is what drew me to the Canadian Public Relations Society more than five years ago and continues to pull me in as a society member and eager volunteer. Not only have I found a community in Calgary, but I have felt welcomed by PR colleagues across the country.

You may not realize what a vast network of resources and knowledge you are part of with CPRS, both in Calgary and across Canada. We no longer find ourselves isolated in individual office towers, trying to figure out the best strategic direction for a new initiative. Sharing and discussing is the new normal. There are people you can call to discuss best practices. There are co-working spaces for independent consultants. There are collaborators at the ready.

Simply pick up the phone.

CPRS Calgary is here to be a connector, to be a collaborator. We are here to support you and help you succeed in the communications industry.

Please take some time this summer to read The Elevation of Public Relations from Daniel Tisch, APR, FCPRS. This insightful discussion paper looks closely at the PR industry and what is to come in the years ahead. Join the conversation on social using the hashtag #ElevatePR and watch your inbox for details on our September social event to officially kick off the new program year.

I wish you and your family a safe and wonderful summer.

Melanie Simmons
President, CPRS Calgary